ACS580 General Purpose Drives

Low-voltage AC

1 to 700 hp (0.75 to 522 kW)

Designed to simplify drive selection, set up, operation and maintenance, the ACS580 general purpose drives conquer more applications in more industries without the head scratching complexities. The ACS580 drive is offered in a variety of options including wall-mounted, cabinet-built and packaged with disconnect means.

One product, many applications

The drive includes all the essential components for typical light industry applications. The ACS580 is ready to control compressors, conveyors, mixers, pumps, fans, as well as many other variable and constant torque applications.

Reliability and constant high quality

ACS580 drives are designed for customers who value high quality and robustness in their applications. Coated control boards, high enclosure classes, and motor temperature monitoring along with supervision and other protection functions ensure your processes will run smoothly – even in harsh conditions. In addition, all the drives are tested during production at maximum temperature and with nominal loads to ensure every drive performs as it should.

Easier than ever before

ACS580 drives have all the essential features built-in, reducing commissioning and setup time. The assistant control panel with a broad set of languages is standard for ACS580 drives. You can also upgrade to an optional Bluetooth® control panel for wireless commissioning and monitoring. Primary setting and control macros ensure quick setup and the help button on the control panel offers instant advice in unclear situations.

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