CP600 Control Panels

Various control panels in different screen sizes provide comprehensive HMI functions for a wide range of applications. The engineering tool PB610 Panel Builder 600, part of Automation Builder, ensures easy scalability on the CP600 platform.

Various designs for diverse applications
  • Robust aluminum enclosure in attractive industrial design.
  • All connectors on one side for easy installation in various environments.
  • Landscape and portrait mounting options for various HMI presentations.
  • Protocols for ABB PLCs, machinery and motion drive for Ethernet and serial connection makes these control panels first choice for ABB automation solutions. The IRC5 protocol enables easy direct communication with ABB robot controllers.
  • OPC UA client and server functions make them well prepared for future communication solutions.
  • Engineering by means of PB610 Panel Builder 600, part of ABB’s Automation Builder, facilitates integration into automation packages and enables good scalability on the CP600 platform for versatile applications.
State-of-the-art performance

The new CP600 control panels with 7″, 10.4″ and 15″ screens provide state-of-the-art performance and comprehensive HMI functions for a wide range of applications. The same front dimensions, cutouts, screen resolutions and interface as the previous generation of CP600 panels ensure an easy upgrade for significantly increased performance.

  • Black, neutral front foils without logo.
  • Wide operating temperature range from -20 up to +60 °C.
  • 2 Ethernet interfaces 10/100 Mbit with configurable bridge mode for easy connectivity with ABB automation components.
  • Flexible serial connectivity with automaton components without Ethernet interface.
  • USB hosts for the flexible connection of accessories or date storage and easy updating.
  • SD card slot for easy data storage and updating.
CP600 as web panels

CP600 control panels provide a browser, which facilitates their use as web panels e.g. for AC500 V3 web visualization even in parallel to PB610 graphical user interface applications.

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