DCS880 DC Industrial Drives

5 to 8050 hp

(3.7 to 6000 kW)

DC motor control

ABB’s motor control technology provides precise speed and torque control for all applications.

Adaptive programming

Adaptive programming is ideal for creating simple control programs for various applications. It does not require expertise in programming and is offered as a standard in all-compatible drives.

Removable memory unit

Stores all the firmware and parameter configurations in an easily replaceable and simple-to-install module.

All typical DC configurations

DCS880 standard firmware supports all standard configurations present in DC drive applications such as 6-pulse, 12-pulse parallel, serial and serial sequential, 24-pulsee, M3, M6 and field reversal.

Additional features
  • Remote monitoring
  • Drive-to-drive link
  • Intuitive HMI
  • Set-up and maintenance tool
  • Flexible product configurations
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